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Better Than Medicine

What’s your most effective healing or coping strategy?

For those suffering with rare and chronic illnesses with seemingly no cure, it is easy to feel brushed aside and forgotten about by the medical community, science, and research. We are left by the wayside to fend for ourselves all too often, and suffer the consequences of living a very painful and poor quality of life. If I ever win the lottery, I will put a huge chunk of it into funding research and effective treatments for EDS and POTS. No one should have to live in such inhumane pain resulting from lack of understanding of our conditions as I and my fellow warriors have to.

In the meantime, how do I cope? Well, after trying so many different things, both alternative and more traditional, I have found that the best thing so far for myself has been an energy healing technique I learned many years ago called Quantum-Touch, but only after doing it naturally on myself without any knowledge of what it was I was doing. I discovered something huge one night when I was having a lot of pain in my back. As I laid in bed I decided I was going to start to breathe into the tight spots along my back while imagining my spine stretching and adjusting as needed. I would just start at the base of my spine and work my way up in my mind, breathing with intention and attention to each location, sometimes placing my hands where I could reach comfortably enough. I was shocked and overjoyed at the same time as I found that the places where I put my attention while breathing this way would pop into a better feeling position and the muscles around them would relax more. After about 20 minutes of doing this my pain level was down at least a couple of notches (from about a 7-8 to more like a 4-5), making it more bearable. Left with many questions as to what had just happened, I went online to do some researching. That’s when I found Quantum-Touch. This was about 15 years ago at the time of writing this. Unfortunately in my case, this still wasn’t a complete cure by any means, but nothing had helped before and nothing has helped since then nearly as much as this subtle energy healing method. I use it every day on myself, realigning my constant spinal subluxations and working on the many bumps and bruises that come with being clumsy, thanks to EDS.

I have cured my own severe knee arthritis pain, numerous sore throats, colds, cleared my sinuses, fixed spinal subluxations and other back pains such as those from degenerative discs, spondylolisthesis, and arthritis. I’ve achieved muscle relaxation, cleared severe eczema on my hands, helped bruising and pulled tendons heal quicker, and much more just on myself. I truly don’t think I would have kept myself working for so long had it not been for this discovery.

I don’t take any pain meds thanks to the opioid abusers out there leaving doctors too scared these days to prescribe them, even to the most needing and deserving patients such as I see myself. Truth be told, I’d rather not be on pain meds though anyways, if I can help it. No, I don’t think it’s good to just have to live in pain as that has it’s own side-effects, but I cannot function enough to keep working if I’m even more drowsy, dizzy, and nauseous as a side-effect from pain meds. I find that Quantum-Touch helps to bring down the pain level for me enough to not want to jump off a rooftop, and I would encourage everyone to either learn how to do this for themselves as well, or let me try to help you personally! I am so grateful to have found this method that I became a Certified Quantum-Touch Practitioner a few years ago. I would be happy to do a one-on-one personal session for you, or you can join my weekly group sessions for a more general but very impactful session. One of the most wonderful things about this technique is that it can be done from any distance! I have worked on so many different conditions over the years, many times helping the person cure themselves completely of their ailment or pain. Yes, it can be frustrating for me when I’m able to help others more than I can help myself sometimes, but yet it’s very rewarding to get those results regardless, and worth sharing when I can. Knowing how awful it is to live in pain, I am delighted when I can help someone else become free of theirs and live a better life!

Just for reading my blog and being a fellow zebra, I will give you $30 off a one-on-one distant healing session with me! Just use code: ZebraWarrior when you checkout on my other website, Healing-Intentions.com. You can find more information on QT there, as well as my other blog , where you can read about some of the very cool healing sessions I’ve done!

Every digestive issue sufferer needs this!

Like many other EDS, POTS, and MCAD victims, I’d had years of digestive turmoil with IBS-D. It was typical for me to have to make a run for the bathroom mid-meal or immediately after. My tummy would rumble with embarrassing and unpredictable sounds while my insides were churning and burning in agony. There was no rhyme or reason to what I ate that was causing this. It was literally anything and everything! Restaurant food was the worst, so I couldn’t eat out. My gastroenterologist didn’t have a solution that actually worked for me, and I had tried everything out there to no avail. That is, until I found this all natural product called DigestaCure AutoImmune-X. I was desperate to try just about anything to make this stop happening! I really didn’t have much faith going into trying yet another product, but I am so glad I gave this a try! Nothing has worked like this gem. If I hadn’t seen the results on myself, I wouldn’t be telling you about this product right now as I don’t promote anything unless I truly believe in it. If you have uncontrolled digestive issues of any type, you must try this product!

Let Me Introduce Myself…

Who am I, and why would you want to read my blog?

That is a great question! The last thing I want to do is waste anyone’s time. Chances are, if you’ve found your way here, there is a reason. You or your loved ones are likely familiar with the terms “spoonie” and “zebra” when talking about those afflicted with certain medical conditions, and you know that all energy is precious and not to be wasted.

My name is Heidi Hash, 42 at the time of writing this, and I am living with a rare, genetic connective tissue disorder known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (hypermobile type) (EDS), and its many comorbid conditions such as Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Fibromyalgia, Migraines, IBS, Insomnia, and the list goes on. I have had a very long and difficult ongoing journey, as many of us have, in figuring out what is going on with me, all while working as a dental hygienist (probably the worst thing I could have chosen to do with these conditions!) in order to keep a roof over my head at the same time. I am now 6 years and probably at least 18-24 doctors and therapists deep into trying to diagnose, treat, and understand all of my conditions. I have been living in terrible pain for over 17 years at the time of this writing, with worsening and new symptoms showing up every year. Pain meds don’t touch my pain and leave me with other unwanted and equally debilitating effects, not to mention the doctors are all too scared to prescribe anything these days even to those who need it the most, and so I don’t use them. Numerous other symptoms I’ve dealt with my whole life. Unfortunately, the doctors I was seeing at first had no idea what they were looking at with me, and ultimately I had to figure out my own conditions by doing much research, and then found my way to the right doctors to confirm my suspicions. I’ve learned that we have to be our own advocates.

As much as I am involved in my own battle, I am here to offer help when I can, or at least let you know you’re not alone, by telling stories of lessons learned from my life experiences, expressing my own opinion on subjects, products, and therapies, and recommending products or services you may be interested in as a fellow warrior. I have an open mind to Alternative medicine, and in fact have had some of my best success with energy healing that I do on myself. I will share more information on that in future posts. Although it is useful at times, Western medicine has mostly failed me so far, and I am learning to take my health into my own hands.

Join me on this journey, and please share your own experiences in the comments sections of the posts they relate to. Thank you!

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

-Jimmy Dean